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Zoé4life - Together against childhood cancer

Passion-voile | Devenez partenaire | Objectif Mini-Transat 2023 | Markus Burkhardt

Why Zoé4life ?

By embarking on this Mini-Transat adventure, it was important for me to be able to support a project that is close to my heart by using the means at my disposal.

After having participated in the r'Ose Transat project and having been touched by the testimony of several people affected by the disease, supporting Zoé4life quickly became obvious.

The goals of Zoé4life are:

  1. Financing the implementation of innovative treatments in Switzerland in pediatric oncology.

  2. Improve the daily life of children in treatment

  3. Provide financial support to families whose child
    has cancer.

  4. Raise public awareness about childhood cancer

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Together we can make the difference


Make a donation using the QR codes below!


Will you take up the challenge with me?

For every nautical mile I complete, I would like to donate CHF 1 or EUR 1 to the Zoé4life association. For this, I need your help!

In 2021, I am expected to race for about 1500 miles. 3300 miles in 2022 and more than 4500 in 2023.


Ambitious? It depends on you!

So don't hesitate to take out your mobile phone and photograph one of the QR codes below.

100% of your donation goes directly to the association.

THANK YOU for your solidarity!

To date(01.06.2021):
# miles raced:      250
#CHF collected:   261

Zoé4life | Mini-Transat | Fais un don | Markus Burkhardt
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