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The Mini-Transat - the gateway to ocean racing

The legendary race has existed since 1977 and takes place every two years. All the great sailors have been there: Alan Roura, Bernard Stamm, Loïck Perron, Michel Desjoyeaux and many others.

The Race in a few figures:

  • 4,050 nautical miles or 7,500 km

  • 90 competitors

  • Departure from Les Sables d'Olonne in September 2023

  • Stopover in Santa Cruz de la Palma in the Canaries*

  • Arrival in St-François in Guadeloupe*

* Destination of the 2021 Mini-Transat. The stopover and arrival are still subject to change

Mini-Transat 2023
Prologue Fastnet 2021

It is done :

  • Alone

  • Without assistance

  • Without communication


Apart from a stop in the Canaries, the race is non-stop . The only sight during 3-4 weeks is the horizon with sometimes a bird, a few dolphins or even a competitor to liven up his days which are punctuated by sunrises and sunsets, meals, tack changes and squalls.

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