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Aren't you crazy?

I heard this rhetorical question several times, or observed looks that said nothing less. Very quickly these first reactions I was confronted with gave way to a lot of questions and a lot of interest, and finally to enthusiasm and even a desire to be part of the adventure.

As a sailor since 2012 (the year I bought a sailboat), I quickly realised that sailing was going to be more than just a hobby.


I found in this sport values that are dear to me: passion, surpassing oneself, discovering new horizons (literally and figuratively).

I also discovered many parallels between the world of sailing and the professional world, such as stress management, team management, project management and many others.

I have been fascinated by ocean racing for years, and after having experienced the start of the 2019 mini-transat, I decided to embark on the adventure.

Fortunately, we all have a bit of madness in us. Let's embrace it and above all... live our dreams!

Markus Burkhardt, RYA Yachmaster Ocean & commercial endorsement

Nautical CV available here

Skipper | Markus Burkhardt | Mini-Transat
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